Thursday, March 18, 2010

Redondo Beach with Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad came down to Southern California for my cousin Seth's engagement party. They stayed in Redondo Beach, with ocean view. Gorgeous.
This is Andrew. He is Amanda's boyfriend (if you remember from a previous post). Hard weekend for him since he met my Dad's side of the family at the party. But he took it like a pro.
By the way, Dad took this picture. I will give him credit. He's so pro with his focus!
There are thousands of birds on this jetty! These are moments where I wish I had a zoom lens. Some day.
Andrew was looking the other direction... otherwise this picture would have been perfect.
Mom, being silly. Can't you see the resemblance?

Mom thought this was so funny...
Does the crab know if he's male or female? How can you tell?!
Ryan is a confused crab.
There were pelicans everywhere!

I wanted them to get as close as possible, but they were afraid it would stretch its long neck and bite them!
During dinner, we were wondering if the sun had already set. Then we walk outside and this is what we saw. Wow.

Well that's all she wrote.
Til next time,

Friday, March 5, 2010

Las Vegas - Dive

Ok, here it goes. Went to Vegas with Ryan B., Ryan M., and Natalie to go see Ryan's friends Adam and Mike a.k.a. Picard Manuever do a stand up gig off the strip. Not gonna lie, after looking at all the photos I took, not my favorite bunch.
After saying that, this is Ryan. haha. I was chasing him, pretending to be paparazzi. Pretty funny pic.

This is where we gambled most of the time.
$5 blackjack tables. I won $65!

This is Adam:

And this is Mike:

And they are... Picard Manuever
They got the gig off Craig's List. They were the headliner and by far the best ones.
I remembered while I was there how much I hate stand up comedy. But they were a stand up musical duo. Which was cool.
I didn't realize how phallic this picture was until I reviewed it later.
I apologize. But I like the symmetry so... oh well...

Well, that's all folks. On to my next adventure...

Since i quit my job at Islands, I am an open book. Must take some more pictures to keep myself busy.

Please be praying for my acting career to take off :)