Wednesday, July 14, 2010

San Antonio for Seth's Wedding

Here we are in San Antonio! I've never been to Texas before, but I hear that San Antonio is one of the most beautiful cities in Texas. The riverwalk was really pretty. It kind of reminded me of Lake Havasu a little bit. Other than the riverwalk, there is only one more thing to see in San Antonio... which is The Alamo:
Apparently all the school trips think so too:
At least we got to see some real cowboys ;)
Amanda and I thought it was really interesting... can you sense the sarcasm? At least I know what it is!
Haha... yall.

Seth and Lauren got married! Wow.

Cousin wedding number one down - 2 more to go!



New Orleans - Nikon

These are my New Orleans Nikon photos.
This is at Pat O'Briens. We are drinking HUGE Hurricanes:
Then we went to Cafe Du Monde and had the most delicious beignets.
Also had to try bread pudding...
Went into a jazz club and tried hot toddy's, irish coffees, and hot buttered rum.
This is Dad and I outside The Funky Pirate - a favorite jazz club that my parents have been to.
This was the singer at The Funky Pirate. He is the fattest man - uh ever. Further proving the obesity rate in Louisiana. We never saw him get up off that chair.
Mom surprised us with an awesome day trip in the swamps of Louisiana. We took aeroboats and cruised around the bayou meeting alligators.
This is inside the gator shack where our trip began. This is a bunch of little alligators in a pit:
Dad wanted to rest and so he stayed at the hotel, but he REALLY missed out. We were randomly selected to go on a smaller boat with only 5 people and a driver when we could have been on a boat with 20+. We got SO LUCKY!

This was our driver. He is a Louisiana native and has never lived anywhere else. He was this small little guy, but so manly and sweet. He was a savage and I told him he was, "Badass". He knew so much about the area and the swamps and wildlife. We really got a special tour.

We came across this HUMUNGOUS alligator. Our guide lured him over to us with marshmallows. He was 13 feet long!
I am pointing at the alligator in the water, if you can't tell.
This further proves why our driver/guide was so badass. We stopped the boat on the river bank for a second and he saw a small alligator crawling out of the water onto the land. He leapt off the boat and ran after the critter and caught him with his bare hands! He tied the boat to a tree and brought the alligator on the boat so we could all see him! He put him on his back and put him to sleep.
And we got to hold him!
I wanted to try some Bourbon (for Bourbon street) so Dad ordered me a Manhattan.

That's the end of the New Orleans trip! Next time, Mardi Gras? LOL, just kidding, Mom.