Friday, January 29, 2010

Teenage Paparazzo

Last night was the Los Angeles premiere of the documentary film, "Teenage Paparazzo" directed by Adrian Grenier. Ryan worked on this film for what seemed like a year and a half, (which is a long time to work on any film!) His credits are Camera Operator and Producer's Assistant, but Ryan was the Go-To guy. Hired on the spot by Robin, Grenier's Assistant, indicated that Ryan would be on a rollercoaster ride. Ryan was relieved to hear that the film had been finished. I have to admit, he was worried. "Teenage Paparazzo" went to Sundance 2010 and was a buzz film. Everyone KNEW about "Teenage Paparazzo". All the screenings at the festival were sold out! If this film is picked up, this will mean good things for Ryan's resume. :)

Coming into the premiere screening theatre was surreal. I could tell Ryan was nervous. Apparently other people were as well. I was walking to the restroom and a guy collapsed and fell head first into the wall right as I had passed him! He had fainted, and it scared me to death.

The theatre was fairly large, and there were papers on all the seats, and then a small general seating section in the front. I find it funny that in theatre, everyone wants the front, but in film, everyone wants the back. haha. Ryan didn't know where the crew for the film was supposed to sit, but we didn't see his name anywhere so we sat in the front "general seating" section. Adrian introduced the film, there were some technical difficulties (oops), but then the film started. It was awesome sitting next to Ryan and seeing how jazzed he was about it. He would recite lines that people had said, and squeeze my arm when there were shots that HE had shot in the movie, and Ryan had some cameos in it as well!

After the film, Adrian invited everyone he could think of that were a part of the film up with him to the front. I guess there was seating for "Teenage Paparazzo" in the back afterall. All of the familiar faces walked to the front of the stage. Adrian didn't know that Ryan was there, so he didn't include him. But, Gabi and a few others saw Ryan and urged him to come up, but it was in the middle of the Q&A, so Ryan chose not to. After the uncomfortable Q&A, Ryan introduced me to Adrian and Jim the editor for the first time. Said hi to Matthew Cooke, the producer and of course producer Lynda Pribyl, Ryan's immediate boss. Lots of sponsors attended the screening and some foreign sales agents. Really cool.

This is the awesome poster for the film:
This is at the Q&A. One cool thing about being in the front is good pictures!! This is Austin, the teenage paparazzo. At the time, when the film was shot, Austin was 13. Pictured here he is 16. And of course director and star of TV's Entourage, Adrian Grenier. Meeting Austin was interesting. Ryan's not too fond of him. A memorable moment from shooting the film was when Austin asked Ryan to chase after Avril Lavigne in the company Lexus. Ryan said no, and Austin cussed him out. The scene made some of the early cuts, but was taken out of the final cut. Austin brought it up. "Remember Ryan when I cussed you out?" Must have been hilarious. I wanted to see that!

This is Jim (don't know his last name), editor (left). Matthew Cooke, producer (middle). David Seraffin (camera operator and all around tech guy), and Robin, director's assistant (right):
This is Robin, producer Lynda Pribyl and Gabi, Matthew Cooke's assistant (right):
I felt awkward taking out my camera at the premiere because the content of the film was about paparazzi. The film is about taking pictures of people without asking! Ryan said that Austin would make fun of my camera if he saw it and I was proud of it! I just got it! I didn't want that to happen! I saw the poster and how cool it would be to take a picture for Ryan with Adrian and the poster of course. Adrian was talking to some women and I tried to butt in before he left the building and I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him if he would take a picture with the poster. He didn't say anything and just right away got in the picture. I found that so odd, but then Ryan reminded me that Adrian is used to taking pictures ALL the time! He was a nice guy, but not overly friendly I guess. Also pictured: Jim and David.

I took this picture and was mad at myself for the flash. So I took another:

This one was a little more unexpected. Although I like the lighting better, Ryan loved the first picture because the flash reminds him of the paparazzi. Now I love the first picture because it encompasses the film!
This was my paparazzi moment of the evening. I snuck around a booth and took this photo of Adrian signing posters for the sponsors.
We went to a bar at the Kyoto Hotel in Downtown LA after the premiere with the crew.

Lynda wants to work with Ryan again. She kept saying that - so sweet. But Ryan needs steady work, Lynda!!
All in all, what an interesting fun evening. Ryan's world is so Hollywood some times.
Until next time,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Americana

I had the day off from work today. I had some more time off than expected because I messed up on the non-union sign up day for central casting. Thought it was today but it is Mon/Wed. So bummer. But it was beautiful out so I took my camera and walked around and took some pics. Funny enough, I am hyper aware of others with DSLRs now. Hah. There were a few out doing the same thing!Always throw pennies in a fountain! It's the best idea. You never know what could happen!
Probably my favorite photo of the day:

Sat down, read "Secret Life of Bees" and got myself a nutella crepe. :) Very good but pricey.

Have yet to ride the trolley around the Americana, even though we (Gaby, Ryan, and I) have deemed it for lazy people that don't want to walk, I still think it would be fun. Why not.
Until tonight (more pics to come),

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cafe Was

Leah sang at Cafe Was tonight in Hollywood. It was a last minute thing where she was filling in for someone else. But lucky her, because what an awesome venue with a provided pianist. The only thing was crazy weird drama happened with the pianist and his wife, and poor Leah had to wait quite a while before she was even able to sing! And all of her friends were there, but we didn't care. The atmosphere was beautiful, and the low lighting made me really excited to take pictures with my new canon. I took Cassie with me :)

Me and Zack
A flash photography moment, that didn't go over well... although Cassie and I couldn't take too many pictures together because we were next to each other and because of the depth of my lens, I can't do any photos close up. Or take photos of myself :( Must use my Nikon Coolpix for that ;)

My glass of wine in the foreground and candlelight in the background.

It was a really fun night! Glad I went!

Now I have a couple followers! Just need to get my mom and aunt Shirley on board ;)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rainy Days

Those that are in Los Angeles know that the weather has been really weird lately. It had been stormy and rainy for days and then it became sunny and warm, and then colder yesterday, and then rainy again today! I took these pictures off my balcony at my apartment. This is my bicycle.

This is off my balcony. I was trying to fool with my manual focus. Trying to find the raindrops and blurring the background.

I know it's kind of creepy to be taking pictures of the neighbor's dwelling place. A little "Rear Window" but, it looked so pretty in the rain. Plus, I was under the balcony above, so my camera/nor I could get wet! :) Just want to keep practicing my picture taking skills. The world is so pretty in photos and film at 4:30 in the rain.

I think if I was in rain all the time, I wouldn't love it as much as I do. So it's so great when the rain comes. It is a gift from God. :)

Until tomorrow,


I am a beginner

I'm so glad I decided to do this: a photo blog. Since I spend too much time on facebook, I can now spend more time taking photos and blogging. I just bought a Canon Rebel XSi. I'm so excited. I got a kit lens: 50 mm (no zoom), which of course I will have to save up for a zoom lens at some point. The guy at Samy's said, "eventually you'll want to zoom" (he's probably right).

By the way, I took a million of these: "look at my camera in the rear view mirror photos". Haha. I thought they were really cool.

I was so excited, I read the manual and immediately started playing around with it. I bought the camera on Saturday before work. Went to work, got home at midnight, woke up in the morning (earlier than normal) and started putting the camera together. Sunday morning Ryan came over and we made lattes and ate bagels.
Then Ryan and I went to Griffith Park, by the Observatory, but not to the Observatory. That'll be for another day. We took a few photos, just a couple before the movie started that we were going to see - A Single Man. Mostly test shots for focus and lighting. I was fooling with the camera and Ryan was stealing it from me (because he secretly wants a camera but tried talking me out of giving him one, and then proceeds to tell me that he really wants a $4000 one - oy vey) I'm happy with my Canon XSi :)

Until next time,