Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oct. 21, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Bergez

The best day of our lives...

Just a taste of the wedding photos.



Friday, July 1, 2011

Dani Brooks now!

Dani Bergez and Derek Brooks just got married on Friday June 24th!
I was a bridesmaid and Ryan was a groomsmen.
This picture is from one of Dani's bridal showers:

Here is all of the bridesmaids at the rehearsal:

Dani and Derek fashionable with their sunglasses on at their wedding rehearsal:

This is Ryan, escorting his parents down the aisle (still rehearsal):

Here we are in a private room at the Paul Mitchell school getting our hair done! No make up yet! LOL

Here everyone is getting Dani into her dress! (which was gorgeous on her!)

My parents were at the wedding!

I have no pictures during the ceremony, since I was in the bridal party, but here are some reception pics. Dani and Derek's first dance:

These were the bridesmaid bouquets! Orange flowers with purple dresses. It was pretty.

Ryan and I were sitting right by the bride and groom :)

Maid of honor speech was awesome.

Cake cake cake!!!

A dance floor picture!

These were the center pieces designed by Dani:

Ryan dancing with his Mom:

Ryan dancing with his sister:

We sent the bride and groom off to Maui (their honeymoon destination) in style with a sparkler exit!

Very fun wedding and very surreal to know that Dani, Ryan's little sis is married!


Monday, January 24, 2011

The Engagement/5 year anniversary trip: CT

Ryan and I had been saving and anticipating this trip to CT/NY for practically 2 years. So to say that we were excited, was definitely an understatement. We were there for 8 days (4 days in each state) and while we were there, we were celebrating our 5 year dating anniversary.
This is my favorite picture of Ryan at Compo Beach in Westport, CT. He is sitting on a cannon.Beautiful colorful leaves:

Ryan surprised me! And in this very spot he proposed:
We absolutely had to have some champagne that night:

After the fact, we went to see The Rocket Summer, our favorite band on the last night in CT. We saw them in Hartford! So awesome!

So in love we are :)

My 24th Birthday

First, my roommate Liz took me to Disneyland - a huge surprise for my birthday! It was so fun!! We had a great time!!

We went on my favorite ride: Splash Mountain!

Then Ryan took me to The Geisha House, a fancy restaurant in Hollywood. It was a special treat.

We ordered way too much food!

Soon after my birthday, I drove up to the bay area to hang out with Mom, Dad, and Amanda. Mom and I went on a ferry ride in the bay. It was cold but pretty! SOOOOO Foggy! We couldn't even see the Golden Gate Bridge until we were directly underneath it!
Until next time,

I am sooooo sad.....

So this is bad news....


I cannot find any of them! I wonder if they were all on my camera and I deleted them all....

I have no idea. I'm so pissed.

How could this happen?

I guess I have to go back to Seattle and just do it all again.

I am so sad.....

I have no pictures of Lauren and Brad's wedding.... because they are gone.

I have no pictures of us at Pike's market.... all those awesome photos are gone!


Debbie's Wedding

I'm going to catch up really quickly on posts that I have neglected. I really want to get back into my photography hobby. I love my camera!

Debbie and Brad's wedding was in July! Here are a few pictures!

The ceremony and reception were both held at SDSU, Debbie's almamater.

The parasols were not only necessary because it was so hot, but also they made for good pictures!

I loved the simple, but elegant cake! I love that one of the tiers is raised.

My uncle Jim, the happy father of the bride. I am so happy that he agreed to officiate Ryan and my wedding! So happy to have him play that special role :)

The aunts and uncles were busy bonding... Just want to illustrate this before and after shot:
BEFORE = Shirley and Mom with same expression...

AFTER: Dad and Janet laughing hysterically!

First dance: I love slideshows! Show so much love :)

The happy bride and groom :)

I caught the bouquet! I guess tradition was fate because it worked ;)

A beautiful, fun, and exciting wedding!