Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bar 3: Golden Road Brewery

These pics aren't the best, but this night, we went to Golden Road Brewery, a brewery where they brew their own beer in Glendale. 
We met Ryan M. and Natalie A. there. 

 This is a sampler that Ryan and I shared so we could try their beers. 
Mmmmmm.... not impressed.

Not the best place, but it was still fun. 


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bar 2: Black Market Liquor Bar

Black Liquor Market Bar is the second bar on the list. This bar resides in Studio City. This place was PACKED. We were about to leave when two places opened up at the bar, so we stayed. Luckily we could order food at the bar top. 

We had a salad, delicious mussels, and ragu. 

Ryan had to order this gnarly fried nutter butter banana sandwich for dessert. He ate most of it. I don't like bananas.

Definitely a pricey joint, but a fun date. And great service!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

15 New Bars in LA: Bar 1

LA Magazine had an article about 15 best new bars in Los Angeles.
Ryan and I decided that we would go through the list and check out some new places in LA. 

First bar we checked out is called: Beer Belly
Located in Koreatown

We tried a couple of beers, ate foie gras fried oreos (lethal), and chicken fingers and fries.

It had a fun vibe and not far from our apartment. Definitely didn't expect this place to be in Koreatown. It was small, but loud. And we were lucky to get a table. 

Until next time, 

xoxo Court

1 year of marriage :)

Ryan and I have been married for one year now! 
It's been crazy and a blessed year!

Here is our 1 year old cake! We had a bite or two! LOL

We went to Disneyland and CA Adventure! 
Since Ryan has been so busy working, we had the whole day together with no distractions and it was so much fun! 

 We saw the new Cars Land! Really cool!

"We're much better together than we could ever be apart" 


Brayden's Birthday - October 12, 2012

Dani and Derek are now the proud parents of a baby boy: Brayden Colby Brooks
Born October 12, 2012

Ryan and I rushed up to Walnut Creek when we heard Dani was in labor and were there to meet Brayden in the hospital on his second day of life! It was so amazing holding little Brayden, my new nephew and after knowing Dani and Derek for so many years, seeing the little baby that God has given them... It was really cool. I'd never held a newborn before.  

Sorry, I haven't updated in so long! Like a year! But I am going to remedy that!! And take more pictures!

xoxo, Court

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oct. 21, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Bergez

The best day of our lives...

Just a taste of the wedding photos.



Friday, July 1, 2011

Dani Brooks now!

Dani Bergez and Derek Brooks just got married on Friday June 24th!
I was a bridesmaid and Ryan was a groomsmen.
This picture is from one of Dani's bridal showers:

Here is all of the bridesmaids at the rehearsal:

Dani and Derek fashionable with their sunglasses on at their wedding rehearsal:

This is Ryan, escorting his parents down the aisle (still rehearsal):

Here we are in a private room at the Paul Mitchell school getting our hair done! No make up yet! LOL

Here everyone is getting Dani into her dress! (which was gorgeous on her!)

My parents were at the wedding!

I have no pictures during the ceremony, since I was in the bridal party, but here are some reception pics. Dani and Derek's first dance:

These were the bridesmaid bouquets! Orange flowers with purple dresses. It was pretty.

Ryan and I were sitting right by the bride and groom :)

Maid of honor speech was awesome.

Cake cake cake!!!

A dance floor picture!

These were the center pieces designed by Dani:

Ryan dancing with his Mom:

Ryan dancing with his sister:

We sent the bride and groom off to Maui (their honeymoon destination) in style with a sparkler exit!

Very fun wedding and very surreal to know that Dani, Ryan's little sis is married!